When you join The Michigan Association of State and Federal Program Specialists (MASFPS), you become a part of a state-wide network of legislators, legal counsel, and fellow school administrators collaborating for the greater success of Michigan schools.

Your new, extended team will work together to develop best practices and share ideas that will help prepare your students for the future - all while optimizing the use of state and federal funds to help your budget go further. Join now →


Not sure that membership is right for you?

Many of our members are from public schools and public school academies from across the state. Members of MASFPS have a common goal: To increase student achievement and provide equitable services for all students. As a community of learners, our members share their learning from MASFPS-sponsored events with their staff and stakeholders.

Individual members range in local responsibilities from the classroom level to district leaders. As an organization, we support best practices, as well as compliance requirements regarding State and Federal Programs. MASFPS partners with the Michigan Department of Education, Office of Educational Supports to provide continuity in reaching the State’s Top Ten in Ten initiative.

Why should my district join?

Annual membership cost is $85, which may be covered by federal grant funds as approved by your Field Service Consultant.

Benefits of joining MASFPS include discounted early access to MASFPS Institutes, membership to the National Association of Federal Educator Program Administrators (NAFEPA), plus access to:

  • State and Federal leaders who have an expertise in grant program compliance and best practices.

  • MASFPS Congressional District Board representatives for support in designing, implementing, and evaluating your State and Federal Programs.

  • Regional State and Federal Program workshops hosted across the state.

  • Collaboration with a network of State and Federal Program administrators.

  • Social media updates regarding State and Federal Programs.


This community of learners and true experts are so easy to access! Their willingness to share their knowledge on school improvement, student growth, granting writing, and beyond is why I have stayed connected for 10 years while working with 2 different districts.
— Bridget Hockmeyer, Saginaw Township Community Schools Interim State/Federal Program Coordinator

When I started in my role 4 years ago, I didn’t know what I didn’t know. MASFPS events have allowed me to connect with others and to create a group of colleagues I can share and connect with, and learn from. Now, I know exactly what I don’t know, and where to turn to figure it out.
— Christin Silagy, Troy School District Director of ELD, Federal Grants and State Assessments



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