Message from our Team



Friends and Colleagues of MASFPS:

As the President of MASFPS, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our website. During the past year, MASFPS has been working diligently to identify multiple ways to better serve our members. While the upgrade to our new website is the most obvious change, you will notice that we have added a New Directors’ Workshop Series that offers ongoing, job-embedded support for anyone new to state and federal programs or those wishing to grow their knowledge. This series is unique to MASFPS and has already garnered a great deal of interest. Know that we will continue to offer our fall and winter Institutes in addition to one-day workshops focusing on topics most requested by you.

An additional area we felt strongly about was addressing the immediate needs of our members. It is with great pleasure that on July 1st, Sara Shriver was named the Executive Director of MASFPS. Sara has been with our organization in various capacities and is a face many of you know and trust. We know she will work closely with all of you, our valued members, to ensure we provide you with the quality you have come to expect from MASFPS. 

As an organization, we know our work is not done. It is our continued goal and philosophy to take the guesswork out of State and Federal programs so you can focus on students. We promise to be the organization you can count on to navigate the complexities and nuances of grant programs. This is a task we are enthusiastically embracing and we will always work with the best interest of our membership in the forefront.

With sincere wishes for continued success,
Grace B. Velchansky, PhD President, MASFPS


Dear MASFPS Friends and Colleagues:

At the annual MASFPS board meeting in June of 2019, the Executive Director position was formally approved. I was thrilled to be named to this position. The MASFPS has been an amazing support to me in my career. From my first position as a Title I reading teacher to my current position we have seen many changes with vocabulary, acronyms, and legislative mandates. The relationships and networking with colleagues I have established through MASFPS have been extremely rewarding. Thank you for continuing your learning, sharing, and believing in the work we do for students. And, thank you for being a member of MASFPS!

Sara Shriver, MASFPS Executive Director


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